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Whether you're a title company, lender or mortgage firm, you can count on our team of nationwide notaries and experienced staff to schedule and accommodate all your loan signings. We are committed to providing fast, affordable, and professional notary services and being your final solution to having your real estate documents signed. 

We have successfully accommodated thousands of signings and have a clear understanding of our client's needs.

Meet our Team

The Notary Company Founder: Nina Garrido


Thank you for visiting our web site! We appreciate your interest and hope you are able to take advantage of our services or sign up with us as a notary. In any case, we hope you come back or refer a friend to our site…

My background:

I have been a Notary Public for over twenty years and a mobile notary for the past fifteen. I have over thirty-five years of banking experience with extensive knowledge and a complete understanding of the loan process. From underwriting loan applications to heading Real Estate and Equity Line departments, I know the “ins and outs” of loan documentation. With this knowledge and my pursuit of owning my own business, I founded “The Notary Company” in 1996. Since then, I have enjoyed much success and I am dedicated to providing exemplary notary services to all my existing and future clients. With this said, let our success be a part of your business!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Nina Garrido / Founder
The Notary Company

Technology and Workflow

Security and Compliance

Most signing services send loan documents to their notaries as PDF files via email, which are not secure and could leave personal information vulnerable to theft. To mitigate security issues, our documents are uploaded to secure cloud servers which notaries can only access for a limited period of time. Every interaction with the documents is tracked and recorded, and upon completion of the signing, the notary no longer has access to them. This kind of protection adds another layer of security to sensitive financial information. If a company uses a secure server but still allows notaries to have access to documents long after a signing is completed—perhaps even after they are no longer a notary—it puts personal information at risk.

Full Accountability

Accountability for employees and contractors is built into the process from beginning to end. All documents are tracked and logged from the moment they enter our system, and activity reports may be accessed and viewed at any time.

Notary Signing Agent Records

Because we take pride in the level of service we offer, we keep detailed notes on the performance of our notaries. Additionally, we offer a test that gives us an overall view of their level of experience. These metrics rank notaries and filter out the ones who are less suited to the job. This helps us schedule the most reliable and experienced notaries for your signings.


We use industry-leading server redundancy to ensure that our site remains stable and reliable. We back our data up hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly, which greatly reduces the possibility of loss. Our servers are located throughout the country, which means that even if an area were to experience an event that resulted in a loss of power, our site would still be up and running. Companies that don’t use this kind of technology can’t offer this kind of security and protection.

Ease of Use

Using the site couldn’t be easier. It uses intuitive drag and drop commands so you can put documents in any order you wish, and it works perfectly whether it’s on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smart phone.


Our business is centered on mobility, and with the diverse array of tools available now it’s easier than ever for our notaries to access what they need no matter where they are. Our site is optimized to work flawlessly on mobile devices so that notaries can retrieve the information they need, even when they are away from their desks.

Preventing Errors

In the past, coordinating signings around the country came with the risk of error at some point during the process. Our platform consolidates this process and uses embedded system controls, which leaves less room for mistakes.

Attention to detail

Each client is different, and our systems allow us to provide our notaries with specific information for individual offices. This means that our notaries receive any special instructions related to a particular office every time they are scheduled for a signing. Additionally, special instructions can be added for different types of signings, so notaries are not only current on information about an office, but also on the intricacies of specific signings.

Keeping Track

Our tracking system lets us know that a notary has received everything they need before they begin a signing. This allows us to ensure that a signing is done right the first time.


Repetitive tasks associated with coordinating loan closings have the potential for human error, but we have found a way to automate these tasks, which allows our staff to focus on other aspects of the process, such as making sure the closing process goes smoothly. The system we have in place to deliver special instructions to notaries ensures that they receive them every time, and greatly reduces the possibility that they will miss an important note. This system also reduces your workload by eliminating the need to write out instructions for every signing.